Thrifty Home Decor Shopping!

After the day morning I spent at my doctor’s office, I decided that I would stop in the local thrift shop.  I don’t take the time to stop over very often to this one in particular.  I forget about it until I pass it and think I should stop.  Today, I did take the 15 minutes to browse.  I found a few interesting pieces.

Industrial Table $14.99

Great dropleaf table $85.00

Armoire Sorry forgot the price

Interesting Lamp that could use a makeover $13.99

Great side table that has a mate $12.99 each

I may have to go back to get one of the side tables.  Everything just happened to be 30%.  So a side table for around $9 isn’t too bad.  It will need a makeover.  It would go great in between the two chairs that I plan on purchasing as soon as I find the chairs I want.  I may have to ask Craig to sell a few things for me this weekend.  He just may have a set of chairs that I would want, too.   Now off to to stalk browse the furniture.

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  1. Stacy Zimmerman says:

    Holy wow-factor, Batman! I *lovelove* that armoire!! Is this thrift store top secret, or can you reveal its true identity? Don’t make me shake it out of you! hehe

  2. Robyn says:

    LOL! Nope no secret. This one is Gracious Buys in Grapevine. It is on Hwy. 26 across from the Whataburger. One of the best places I’ve found is the Salvation Army store in Dallas. It’s awesome! Great finds for not much $$.

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