Restoration Hardware Inspired Pendant

I had purchased a drum shade a few months back at a Global Views warehouse sale.  When I purchased it, I had no clear cut idea what I was going to do with it.  It was only $20 and the size is enormous, 23″ w 16″h.  I knew that if I didn’t buy it I would kick myself later.  So I gladly handed over my $20 and went on my merry way.  A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time to use the shade.  I took down our lovely cheap builders brass pendant in our entry and disassembled it.

Pretty, right? Let me tell you that this was not an easy task.  I just wanted the center chandelier part.  The glass that enclosed it was not happy about this separation.  So after a bit of effort and ugly words, I ended up with this.

Pay no attention to the gross carpet.  It’s on the list to change out.  Now that the chandelier was free at last, I spray painted it black.  Normally, I’d have a pic, but I think everyone gets the idea of spray painting.  Next up was deciding what to cover the drum shade with.  I haven’t found any fabrics that I was really in love with so I had some leftover burlap from a wedding shower table setting.  I decided that I’d wrap the shade in the burlap and be done with it.

I took my 2 yards of burlap and started to ‘dry’ fit it to the shade.  I was short about 5 inches.  This was a bit of a let down, but I decided to move on.  Instead of trying to wrap it as you normally would, I put the burlap on a diagonal.  I wasn’t sure about it at the time; however, I really like the outcome.  Here’s the final product.

Love it!  You can’t really see the way the pattern goes across the shade.  Trust me it makes it more interesting. Here’s a pic with the light on.

So pretty!  It actually puts out a ton more light than the glass and brass pendant.  The inside of the shade is silver so it really bounces the light off it.  In case you are wondering what the picture is on the door, it’s an alien that my children shoot with their Nerf guns.  Keeps the TV’s and lamps safe.

I’ve got more work to do in the entry, but this is a big jump start.    The door will be painted a deep slate gray, the curtains will have some sort of edging added.  Maybe jute strapping.  The rod will need finials.  The list goes on.  Here is the Restoration Hardware pendant that I found online.

Restoration Hardware Round Shade Pendant comes in at a whopping $495.00.

Here’s my breakdown.

Shade $20

Chandelier $0 (already had)

Black Paint $0 (already had)

Burlap $8

Not too bad for $28.00.  Have you done anything inspired by retail lately?

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  1. Meg says:

    Girl… LOVE!!! What a difference!! I’m actually a tad bit jealous! :-) Well done!

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